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PondEasy EPDM

Take the plunge with Firestone PondEasy EPDM

Water is an essential asset for life. As a garden feature, it brings serenity, joy and laughter all around. To succeed and enjoy the water garden lifestyle, the choice of lining material is of vital importance. Thanks to Firestone PondEasy, anyone can embellish their garden by adding a beautiful water feature in just a few easy steps.

PondEasy is a waterproofing rubber liner that offers outstanding performance for water features such as fish ponds and decorative ponds. It combines ease of installation with durability and is suitable for aquatic flora and fauna.

Quick and easy to install

PondEasy is a lightweight membrane, making it easy to position, and is available in a variety of sizes up to 15 m wide by 60 m long. No special tools or skills are needed to install it. Details such as connecting two pieces of membrane can be easily carried out with Firestone EasySealant and a silicon roller.


PondEasy can be easily shaped to fit the contours of all kinds of different designs, providing creative freedom.

Environmentally friendly

Chemically inert, PondEasy does not release pollutants into the air or in the water, making it safe for aquatic fauna and flora. Its exceptional durability and ease of repair further reduces its environmental impact. As a leading international manufacturer, Firestone Building Products is committed to offering sustainable products and manufacturing processes.


The composition of the PondEasy membrane offers outstanding resistance to UV exposure, ozone and extreme weather conditions. The liner does not contain any plasticizers or antioxidants that can migrate and cause its premature aging, which ensures no cracking or splitting. Even after many years of service, PondEasy retains its properties and requires little or no maintenance. Ponds lined with it remain as functional and beautiful as the day they were installed.

High elongation

PondEasy features excellent elastic elongation (over 300%). This enables the liner to stretch and conform to different shapes and undulations in the substrate, as well as to adapt to potential earth movements once the pond is in service.

Certified quality

Firestone Building Products’ EPDM factory in Terrassa has obtained the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications. PondEasy bears the CE-marking for water containment and has been tested and certified to various international and national standards.