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GeoSmart EPDM

The perfect fit for lining applications

Firestone GeoSmart EPDM is a synthetic rubber geomembrane specially designed to waterproof small and mid-size ponds with minimum time and effort. GeoSmart EPDM membranes are available in wide panels of up to 36 m that allow installation without the need for on-site seams. This guarantees a quick, easy and safe installation that is not affected by weather conditions and does not require specific tools. The system simplicity, in combination ,with the exceptional properties of EPDM in terms of durability, elasticity, flexibility and puncture resistance make GeoSmart EPDM the perfect fit for water containment applications such as agricultural ponds and pits and silage covers.

Outstanding performance

One panel application

The wide panels of the GeoSmart EPDM membrane make it very easy to install, without the need to make any on-site seams. Basic installations do not require special tools or machinery and are independent from weather conditions.


The chemical composition of the GeoSmart EPDM membrane makes it very resistant to UV, ozone, microorganisms and extreme weather conditions. It does not contain plasticizers or antioxidants that can migrate and cause its premature aging. GeoSmart EPDM retains its physical and mechanical properties over several decades and requires little or no maintenance.

Flexible and elastic

The GeoSmart EPDM membrane is suitable for a wide range of substrates and can be elongated over 300% in all directions without cracking. This great flexibility allows it to perfectly match the shapes of the pond, adapt to the movements of the support and withstand high static puncture. The membrane remains flexible throughout its life, even at temperatures as low as -45 °C.

Environmentally friendly

The exceptional durability of the GeoSmart EPDM membrane and its ease of repair significantly reduces its environmental impact. Chemically inert, it does not release pollutants into the air or in the water, making it safe for aquatic fauna and flora.

High friction angle

Its rough structure facilitates the installation process and the eventual covers are more stable on the slopes. This also reduces the risk of accidents by slipping.