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Unlocking Shared Growth with a Customer Visit to Firestone's New PIR Insulation Factory

At Firestone, providing functional, practical and durable solutions that meet the needs of our customers is our passion. We want to share that enthusiasm with the whole supply chain and we know, in order to make our distributors advocates for our products and advisors to our installers, we have to inspire them to share our product development and investment journey. That’s why we recently took eight of our distributors to Germany to see our Firestone PIR insulation being made at the brand new Firestone factory in Heinsberg.

Insights into our Manufacturing Excellence

Our delegates were amongst a group of invited guests from territories across Europe who have visited the new 30,000m2 facility over the past week to find out more about our new European insulation manufacturing capabilities. Globally, Firestone sells around 90 million square meters of insulation a year and the new, state-of-the art manufacturing facility, located close to Dusseldorf and Cologne and within easy reach of both Belgium and the Netherlands, will aid transportation from our new production facilities throughout Europe Our guests were able to see the manufacturing process, experience the product coming off the production line and tour the stockholding facility where the insulation will be stored in pristine condition ready for just-in-time dispatch to any location in Europe. They were able to find out more about the product and ask any questions of the production team, enjoying a great opportunity to understand Firestone's PIR Insulation's USPs, which will help them in the sales process.

Exploring Industry-leading Solutions

Customer engagement is central to our commercial strategy at Firestone because it helps foster growth for everyone. It also gives us an opportunity to demonstrate how innovation and industry-leading solutions lie at the heart of our success. Our new production facility in Heinsberg is a case in point and we were able to show our guests how Firestone's PIR Insulation: • Comes off the production line in super-sized mother boards that can be cut to meet the dimensions required by the customer • Is available in various thicknesses to meet specific project requirements • Can be provided with different edge types for use with various installation methods and designs • Is fully compatible with all Firestone roofing membranes including RubberGard™ and RubberCover™ EPDM membranes • Is fully compatible with Firestone adhesives and accessories • Is suitable for fully adhered, mechanically-fixed and loose-lay installations

Injecting Fun into the Fact-finding

While much of the trip was focused on commercial goals, we also like to inject some fun into proceedings here at Firestone and, on this occasion, the fun started before any of us even stepped on the plane. The invitation sent out to guests came with a key that they were asked to bring with them. That first key unlooked the opportunity to select another key on arrival at the factory, with one lucky delegate successfully choosing the key to their prize of a truckload of Firestone insulation. And after the factory tour, our guests were given the chance to unwind on the river when dinner was served aboard an evening cruise on the yacht ‘Grace Kelly’. As it was the evening of Liverpool’s already legendary win over Barcelona in the Champion’s League, however, there were a few who were unable to relax and who were positively euphoric by the end of the evening!