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Could You Get More Out Of Social Media?

Firestone's Marketing Manager, Alison Liver, asks our PR and marketing agency, Clare PR for their top tips on getting the most out of social media.

As Marketing Manager at Firestone Building Products, I am responsible for managing our social media channels – search for FirestonebpUK on Twitter and LinkedIn and follow us if you don’t already.

Social media is a great way to share our news, engage with customers and keep up to date with what’s happening in our sector. Like many of our customers, we’re finding that Twitter and LinkedIn have become an effective tool for communicating, cementing relationships and supporting business development.

Indeed, customers sometimes ask me how they can use social media more effectively to help them drive their business development activities, which is why we asked our own PR and marketing agency, Clare PR, to write a guest blog for our website.

Clare PR,, is a specialist in PR & marketing for the construction sector and here is what their managing director, Clare Ward, had to say about maximising your presence in Twitter and LinkedIn.

Top Tips for Social Media from Clare PR

At Clare PR, we’ve worked with both supply chain partners and contractors to help them improve their presence and engagement levels on social media, often from a standing start. It’s important to understand from the outset that social media will require time and resource, both in writing content and in responding to interactions. However, the rewards are often considerable when it comes to showcasing what you do, making new contacts and communicating with existing customers. Here are our top tips for making the most out of social media:

1, Get your profiles right – Before you even begin to think about content, it’s essential to have a profile that clearly articulates what you do and why potential followers should be interested. On Twitter, you have to express this in just a few words, while on LinkedIn you have plenty of scope to ‘sell yourself’. Don’t forget, the image you use on your profile is just as important the words, so choose something that shows your excellent workmanship, or your team, and don’t forget to upload your logo.

2. Get everyone involved – Your company Twitter and LinkedIn accounts should be managed by one or two people but social media content works best when the whole company is involved. In that way you can use images and examples of best practice from different sites, along with any charity activity and customer feedback from across the team. You should also encourage your team to like and share company posts on their personal accounts, particularly on LinkedIn, which is a commercially-led social media platform. In this way you can increase the audience for every post and amplify your message.

3. Set clear guidelines – The more of your team working to build your company’s profile on social media the better, but it’s important that everyone maintains professional standards online. Encourage your team to share content but make sure that they understand the importance of using appropriate images and language when sharing company content or discussing anything work-related.

4. It’s a conversation, not a monologue – Remember Twitter and LinkedIn are social environments designed for interaction, so avoid too much of a hard sell and ensure you consider what your online audience might be interested in seeing. Ask questions, share general interest topics and don’t forget to like and comment on content posted by others.

5. Be human – people do business with people and social media provides a great platform to showcase your team, along with their skills and interests. Use images of different team members (with their permission of course), champion their achievements, congratulate them on their milestones and tag them to encourage further interaction.

These are just five pointers to help you steer your social media activity in the right direction. By using the analytic tools available on Twitter and LinkedIn you’ll be able to monitor what works best for your business and this will give you an insight into how to build on your social media success.