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Firestone's EPDM Roofing Membrane is in Fashion with Matalan

Firestone Building Products’ RubberGard™ EPDM single ply roofing membrane is set to ensure fashion fans enjoy a dry and comfortable shopping environment after a roof refurbishment at Matalan’s Killingworth Centre store in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.

The store’s original plastic roofing membrane had lost its elasticity and had started to split, causing leaks and the threat of damage to the building fabric and contents.  Roofing contractor, DAR Roofing, was brought in to carry out a roofing refurbishment to resolve the problem and, having used Firestone’s RubberGard EPDM membrane on previous largescale retail environment projects over a number of years, recommended the same approach for the Matalan store.

To minimise disruption, reduce waste and deliver the project as quickly as possible, DAR Roofing carried out the project as an overlay, using Firestone’s RubberGard EPDM single ply membrane, which was mechanically attached using the Reinforced Mechanically Anchored (RMA) system.  This  provided rapid waterproofing coverage over large areas, along with excellent wind load resistance and compatibility with the existing roof surface.

The existing rooftop plant was removed to enable the new roofing membrane to be mechanically attached over the prepared 6,700m2 roof surface, which is arranged on five levels. Firestone worked closely with DAR Roofing to develop the specification and ensure the RubberGard EPDM material was optimised for the complex roof layout.  The company’s technical team also provided detailed wind load calculations for each roof area, which enabled creation of CAD layout drawings designed to ease the onsite installation process. Difficult waterproofing situations were reviewed in detail onsite with Firestone’s contractor services team to determine the most practical and effective solutions, utilising Firestone’s QuickSeam self-adhesive accessories.

Comments Dave Stephens from DAR Roofing: “This is a very large and intricate roof and we needed a system that would provide rapid waterproofing, ease of detailing and a long-lasting solution for the end user.

“Not only does Firestone have an EPDM roofing system that is especially-designed to offer the rapid waterproofing coverage and resistance to wind uplift we needed during installation, but the permanent elasticity and 300% elongation offered by the system mean that it will not crack or tear, either during installation or throughout its service life. As a result, the finished installation will provide a neat, resilient roofing solution for generations of shoppers to come and the client is extremely happy with the result.”